Motorola Molle Radio Pouches

Sophia Jones
14 min readMar 22, 2024

If you’re looking for top-quality Motorola Molle Radio Pouches, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be rounding up the best options on the market, ensuring that you get the perfect pouch for your radio.

We’ll be reviewing and comparing various products, giving you a detailed overview of each one. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision, enabling you to choose the Motorola Molle Radio Pouch that best suits your needs. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be impressed with the fantastic options we’ve found for you.

The Top 11 Best Motorola Molle Radio Pouches

  1. Sturdy MOLLE Molle Radio Pouches with Adjustable Straps — Secure and adjustable radio pouch designed for the MOLLE system, featuring a removable buckle and two MOLLE straps for sturdy and versatile usage.
  2. Tactical MOLLE Universal Radio Pouch for Various Sizes — Securely hold and transport your radio with the durable and versatile Rothco Molle Universal Black Radio Pouch, featuring elastic side panels, easy-to-attach MOLLE straps, and a sturdy front closure.
  3. Military-Grade Tactical Radio Holder for Walkie-Talkies with MOLLE Compatibility — Experience ultimate security and durability with the adjustable Molle Radio Pouch for your walkie-talkie, designed for military use and seamlessly compatible with bags and packs.
  4. Versatile Molle 1000D Nylon Radio Pouch for Tactical Uses — Stay connected on-the-go with the ROCOTACTICAL Tactical Radio Pouch, a versatile 1000D Nylon holster perfect for Molle-equipped gear, tactical vests, backpacks, belts, and more.
  5. Molle Radio Pouch: Versatile, Comfortable, and Durable Accessory — The VIPERADE Radio Holster is a versatile and durable MOLLE Walkie Talkie Bag, ideal for storing and securely hanging radio equipment on tactical vests, backpacks, belt loops, and more, catering to a wide range of outdoor hobbies and EDC needs.
  6. MOLLE Molle Radio Pouches for Tactical Walkie-Talkie Holders — The VIPERADE Radio Holster is a versatile and durable MOLLE radio pouch designed to attach to tactical vests, backpacks, and duty belts, providing easy access and storage for walkie talkies during outdoor activities and fitness.
  7. Tough 1000 Denier Mbitr Radio Pouches — Safeguard your MBITR Radio with the Tac Shield Coyote T3900CY Molle Pouch — boasting robust 1000 Denier Cordura construction, easy control access, and a secure detachable strap.
  8. Multicam Radio Molle Pouches for Outdoor Adventures — The Gi Molle II Radio Pouch in Woodland Camo is a versatile and durable option for carrying radios and gear, featuring ID windows, adjustable webbing, and water drainage grommets, making it perfect for outdoors or tactical situations.
  9. Tactical Universal Multi-Brand Radio Pouch — Stay connected on the go with the Tactical Universal Radio Holster, a durable and versatile molle radio pouch specifically designed for Motorola, Pofung, and Midland Walkie Talkies, providing convenient access to your essential communication tools.
  10. Secure Motorola Radio Adjustable Chest Pack for On-the-Go — Motorola’s Adjustable Chest Pack for select portable radios ensures a secure fit and long-lasting durability for enhanced convenience and functionality.
  11. Universal Motorola Radio Holster with Belt Clip — Keep your Motorola APX 8000, APX 7000, and APX 6000 radios secure and accessible with the Motrola Universal Holster, designed specifically for your radio models and compatible with XE Versions, making charging convenient without removing the battery.


Sturdy MOLLE Molle Radio Pouches with Adjustable Straps


I recently had the opportunity to try out the MFH PRC 148 MBITR Radio Pouch Molle Olive in my daily life. This nifty little product is an essential element of the MOLLE system, designed to carry my radio or mobile phone with ease.

The highlight of this product for me was definitely its adjustable shock cords, which were closed with a convenient plastic clip. It was a nice touch that made it easy to secure my devices safely without any hassle. The sturdy design was another feature that stood out — it felt like it could withstand the rigors of everyday use, which is always a plus in my book.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I experienced. Firstly, while the removable buckle was useful, I found the two MOLLE straps to be somewhat limiting when it came to attaching it to my vest or rucksack. Secondly, the elastic tape was stiff and took some time to wrap around my device securely.

Overall, the MFH PRC 148 MBITR Radio Pouch Molle Olive was a solid product that met my expectations quite well. Its durability and practical design made it a great addition to my MOLLE gear, and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces more in the future.

Tactical MOLLE Universal Radio Pouch for Various Sizes


As a tactical enthusiast, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Rothco Black MOLLE Universal Radio Pouch, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer! This little black pouch packs a punch, with a rugged build that can handle the challenges of the field or your daily grind.

What stood out in my experience was the pouch’s adjustable fit, thanks to the elastic side panels that expand to accommodate various size radios. This versatility made it a reliable companion, whether I was trekking through the bush or racing to complete my daily tasks.

Of course, no product is perfect, and this one was no exception. The hook and loop fastener could be a bit more secure, as I found myself having to readjust the pouch from time to time. A minor issue when compared to the overall quality of the Molle Universal Radio Pouch.

So, if you’re in the market for a tactical radio pouch that can keep up with your rigorous lifestyle, I’d highly recommend giving the Rothco Universal Radio Pouch a try. It’s a durable, practical, and adaptable solution to your radio carrying needs that’s worth every penny.

Military-Grade Tactical Radio Holder for Walkie-Talkies with MOLLE Compatibility


The Tactical Radio Holder has been a game-changer for my outdoor adventures. With its adjustable size, it’s perfect for securing my walkie-talkies in my backpack without taking up too much space. The high-density Oxford fabric material is a definite plus, as it’s both wear-resistant and durable.

However, sometimes I find it a bit difficult to remove the radio from the holder. Overall, this is a reliable and sturdy accessory that I highly recommend.

Versatile Molle 1000D Nylon Radio Pouch for Tactical Uses


I recently got a chance to use the ROCO Tactical Radio Pouch, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my daily life. Made from high-quality and durable nylon, this pouch keeps my two-way radio secure and accessible at all times.

The nylon material is not only tough, but it’s also lightweight, making it perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. And the elastic rope quick release buckle closure? A true lifesaver. It’s so convenient to open and close, and it’s a breeze to put my walkie-talkie in and take it out.

The pouch also comes with a front Molle system, allowing me to attach additional accessories. And the back Molle system lets me hang it on my tactical vest, backpack, or belt, making it super versatile.

But here’s the best part — this pouch is suitable for all sorts of activities, from tactical sports to running fitness exercises. So whether you’re at home or on the move, you can keep your radio handy.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the ROCO Tactical Radio Pouch to anyone in need of a reliable, durable, and versatile radio holder. It’s a 5-star product for sure!

Molle Radio Pouch: Versatile, Comfortable, and Durable Accessory


In my daily life, I often wear tactical vests and backpacks for various outdoor adventures, and I’ve tried the Viperade Radio Holster for quick and secure storage of my walkie-talkie. The first thing that stood out to me was its versatility. I could easily attach it to my tactical vest, backpack, belt, or even a shoulder strap, providing additional storage space and flexibility.

The Viperade Radio Holster is made of high-quality nylon, ensuring durability and wear resistance. The fitted buckle and strong nylon straps make it easy to firmly attach the case to my belt or tactical bag. I found the high-quality Velcro closure to be quite reliable, keeping my walkie-talkie securely in place.

One of the standout features of this radio holder is its adjustability. The elastic cable and removable patch make it simple to fix the radio into the holder, while the removable Velcro strap allows you to tighten the radio at different heights. This radio accessory bag is suitable for various sizes of intercoms, making it a practical choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

I was also impressed by the ease of use of the Viperade Radio Holster. The open-design radio holder allows for easy removal and replacement of the walkie-talkie, while the quick-release Velcro closure makes it convenient to open and close. This simple yet effective radio holder has found a home in my collection of tactical gear, and I highly recommend it for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals seeking reliable and versatile storage solutions for their walkie-talkies.

MOLLE Molle Radio Pouches for Tactical Walkie-Talkie Holders


As someone who frequently engages in outdoor activities like hiking and camping, I found the Viperade Radio Holster to be a handy addition to my gear. Its versatility is its strongest point, as I could easily attach it to any of my tactical vests, backpacks, or belt for extra storage and adjustment when needed.

The holster is made of high-quality nylon, which not only feels durable but also has a strong nylon strap to help securely store and hang the radio. I particularly appreciated the Velcro closure that held the radio firmly in place without causing any damage. The adjustable holder was another feature I loved because it allowed me to tighten the radio at different heights, making it suitable for different sizes of intercoms.

One thing I noticed, however, was that the Viperade Radio Holster was not as easy to use as I initially hoped. When I needed to remove or replace the radio, it took me longer than I expected due to the difficulty of opening and closing the holster. Also, the design could be more user-friendly for people with larger hands.

Overall, the Viperade Radio Holster is a great accessory for those who frequently use radio communication in outdoor settings, but some design improvements could be made to enhance the user experience.

Tough 1000 Denier Mbitr Radio Pouches


The Tac Shield MBITR Radio Molle Pouch has been my go-to companion for the last few months, protecting my most essential gear. The tough 1000 Denier construction makes it almost indestructible, perfectly fitting my MBITR radio. The field-proven design ensures that my equipment remains clean while providing easy access for control.

I especially appreciate the quick detachable safety strap and the blackened drain hole, which adds a touch of convenience and utility that I haven’t encountered with other pouches. Of course, no product is without its drawbacks. While I’d love to see more color options, the Coyote T3900CY is still a versatile shade that complements most military gear.

Overall, the Tac Shield MBITR Radio Molle Pouch is a highly reliable and functional addition to my kit, and I’m pleased to recommend it to anyone in search of durable and practical storage solutions for their MBITR radio.

Multicam Radio Molle Pouches for Outdoor Adventures


When I was out on a camping trip, I found this Woodland Camo MOLLE II Radio pouch to be an essential companion. Its heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon Cordura construction ensured that my gear stayed protected and dry. I loved how the strap cinch secured the top opening, while the adjustable webbing with D-rings allowed me to easily add extra MOLLE gear.

One of my favorite features was the ID window, which made it easy to identify my radio pouch on the go. The water drainage grommet on the bottom kept my pouch free from any moisture, and the inside and outside of the pouch offered adjustable webbing straps for security. This versatile pouch was not only great for outdoor activities but also for paintball games.

While I was impressed with the practicality and durability of the Woodland Camo MOLLE II Radio pouch, I did find that the overall build could be a bit bulkier than desired. However, it still proved to be an excellent companion for my camping trips and outdoor adventures.

Tactical Universal Multi-Brand Radio Pouch


Imagine carrying a sleek, tactical radio pouch in your daily life, designed for military-grade radios just like the one you’ve always wanted. Made with high-quality, durable nylon material, the 1000D fabric boasts a high elasticity to withstand rough and tumble situations.

The front radio pouch comes with a molle system, which is essential for attaching accessories like speakers and even walkie-talkies. The elastic rope, conveniently designed with a quick-release buckle, makes opening and closing an absolute breeze.

Now, imagine that same walkie-talkie being easily slipped into the pouch and just as effortlessly taken out. The back radio pouch features a molle system that can be attached to various gear like tactical vests, backpacks, and belts.

This military-grade radio pouch is perfect for a wide range of activities such as camping, hiking, climbing, or even running fitness exercises. Its versatility ensures it’s always there when you need it the most, providing you with the convenience of keeping your hand tools readily available while you’re working.

Secure Motorola Radio Adjustable Chest Pack for On-the-Go


The Motorola Adjustable Chest Pack is a versatile and convenient accessory for your portable radios, whether you’re at work, skiing, or simply walking your dog. I’ve had the chance to test this product and was particularly impressed by its durability and adjustability.

The nylon material ensures the pack can withstand extended use, while the adjustable straps guarantee a secure and comfortable fit. It’s compatible with a wide range of Motorola radios, and I appreciate the inclusion of a 1505596Z02 strap for added convenience.

However, one downside I encountered was the limited number of accessories that can fit in the radio holder. I found myself wishing for a more spacious design to accommodate even more essentials. Overall, though, I am happy with my experience using the Chest Pack and can confidently recommend it to others in search of a reliable and functional radio accessory.

Universal Motorola Radio Holster with Belt Clip


As a reviewer who has been using the Motorola PMLN7732 Universal Holster, I can confidently say that this accessory kit stands out for its ability to securely hold different Motorola radios. I especially love how it fits perfectly with the APX 8000, 7000, and 6000 models. The fact that it allows me to charge the radio without removing the battery is a life-saver.

However, I do wish that the clip was a bit more adjustable to fit all waist sizes comfortably. All in all, this is a great choice for anyone in need of a versatile and reliable radio holder.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our Motorola Molle Radio Pouches buyer’s guide. This section will inform you about the essential features, considerations, and general advice that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing these pouches. We’ll cover topics such as materials, durability, and compatibility with different radio models.



When selecting Motorola Molle Radio Pouches, consider the materials used in their construction. Common materials include ballistic nylon, Cordura, and leather. Ballistic nylon is known for its durability and abrasion resistance, making it a popular choice for radio pouches. Cordura, on the other hand, is highly resistant to wear and tear, while leather offers a premium look and feel. Ensure the material you choose suits your specific needs and the environment in which the pouch will be used.


A durable radio pouch is essential to protect your equipment against damage. Look for features like reinforced stitching, heavy-duty zippers, and padded interior pockets. A padded exterior can also provide additional protection against impacts and water damage. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty and customer reviews to ensure you’re getting a product that can withstand regular use.


Before purchasing a Motorola Molle Radio Pouch, check the compatibility with your specific radio model. Pouches are designed for specific radio sizes and shapes, so it’s crucial to ensure a proper fit. Manufacturers often provide detailed specifications on their websites or in the product description, which can help you make an informed decision. Additionally, measure your radio to ensure it fits within the pouch’s dimensions.


Additional Features and Customization Options

  • Integrated belt loop or Molle straps for versatile mounting options
  • Multiple compartments or pockets to organize accessories and documents
  • Ventilated design to prevent sweating or overheating of the radio
  • Waterproof or water-resistant materials and seams for protection against moisture
  • Customizable color options or logo placements for brands or units

Pricing and Budget Considerations

Motorola Molle Radio Pouches come in various price ranges, depending on factors such as brand reputation, materials, and additional features. Determine your budget and weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. While it’s essential to choose a high-quality pouch, it’s also important not to overspend unnecessarily.

Customer Reviews and Warranty


Before making a purchase, read customer reviews to gain insight into the product’s performance and durability. Reputable manufacturers often offer warranties or guarantees on their products, so check for these as well. A warranty can provide peace of mind and help offset the cost of potential repairs or replacements.

When selecting a Motorola Molle Radio Pouch, consider the materials, durability, compatibility, additional features, pricing, and customer reviews. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be better equipped to find the right pouch to protect and transport your radio with ease.


What are Motorola Molle Radio Pouches?

Motorola Molle Radio Pouches are specialized carrying cases designed for Motorola radios. They are made to securely hold Molle-compliant radios, providing a convenient and reliable solution for communication on the go.


What are the benefits of using Motorola Molle Radio Pouches?

  • Secure and snug fit for your Molle-compliant Motorola radio
  • Protects the radio from damage during transport or rough usage
  • Provides quick and easy access to your radio when needed
  • Allows for easy attachment to backpacks, belts, or any Molle-compatible gear

What materials are Motorola Molle Radio Pouches made of?

Motorola Molle Radio Pouches are typically made of rugged, durable materials such as ballistic nylon or other weather-resistant fabrics to ensure the safety of the radio inside while providing a long-lasting, reliable product.

Are Motorola Molle Radio Pouches customizable?


Yes, some Motorola Molle Radio Pouches allow for customization options to accommodate various radio models and sizes. Please refer to the product specifications for details on customization options available for each specific pouch.

How do I attach a Motorola Molle Radio Pouch to my Molle-compliant gear?

Motorola Molle Radio Pouches come equipped with Molle-compatible straps for easy attachment to Molle-compliant gear such as backpacks, belts, or other Molle-enabled equipment. Simply loop the straps through the Molle loops on your gear and secure them with the provided hooks or snaps.

Are there different sizes of Motorola Molle Radio Pouches available?

Yes, Motorola Molle Radio Pouches come in various sizes to accommodate different radio models and dimensions. Please refer to the product’s specifications or size chart before making a purchase to ensure the correct fit for your radio.