Maroon Suits

Sophia Jones
9 min readMar 22, 2024

Introducing a collection of stunning maroon suits that are a perfect blend of timeless style and modern sophistication. From classic to contemporary, our roundup features a diverse range of maroon suits to cater to every taste and occasion. Dive in and discover your perfect match.

The Top 5 Best Maroon Suits

  1. Slim-Fit Burgundy Suit & Tie Set for Stylish Men — Make a statement in red with OppoSuits’ Blazing Burgundy Slim-Fit Suit & Tie Set, featuring machine-washable 100% polyester for easy maintenance and a sleek, professional look.
  2. Elegant Maroon Mohair Suit from Nordstrom Rack — Featuring stylish bi-stretch mohair, the Maroon Savile Row Co Solid Suit in Size 40 Regular at Nordstrom Rack offers a contemporary and polished fit.
  3. Premium Slim Fit Maroon Suit Set for Men — Experience elegance in Maroon with this MY’S Premium Slim Fit 3-Piece Tuxedo Set — perfect for formal occasions or winter events.
  4. Elegant Maroon 3-Piece Business Suit Set with Slim Fit — Elevate your style at business, wedding events, and parties with this stylish, slim-fit, one-button suit in a rich maroon color suitable for all seasons.
  5. Stylish Maroon Slim Fit Suit for Men — Enhance your style with the Boss Men’s Tic Weave Slim Fit Maroon Suit featuring durability, stretch, and ethical production for a confident and comfortable look.


Slim-Fit Burgundy Suit & Tie Set for Stylish Men


I have to say, I was excited to try on my new OppoSuits Men’s Blazing Burgundy suit set. The color was eye-catching, and I couldn’t wait to step out in it. But let’s focus on the experience, not the packaging.

As soon as I put on the jacket, I noticed it was a bit baggy, but I chalked it up to the slim fit. The pants, however, were a different story. They felt a bit tight, but I figured they would stretch a bit. In the end, I felt like a sausage trying to move around in the suit, which was a bit awkward.

But, let’s not forget the jacket, which was the shining star of this set. The material felt good against my skin, and the fit was surprisingly comfortable. The button closure added a touch of elegance to the suit, and I loved how it looked when paired with the matching tie.

Now, the cleaning instructions mentioned that this suit was machine washable, which was a relief. I never believed that, but they were right! It’s so convenient to just throw it in the wash and get ready to wear it in no time.

Elegant Maroon Mohair Suit from Nordstrom Rack


I recently tried on the Savile Row Co Maroon suit from Nordstrom Rack, and let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations in both style and comfort. The bi-stretch mohair fabric gave a polished yet contemporary look to the suit, which is perfect for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

The jacket fit like a glove, with a notched lapel and elegant button front design that made a lasting impression. The trousers featured a zipper fly, belt loops, and dual front and back pockets that provided functional ease. However, there was one downside I noticed — the sizing seemed to run quite small, so I had to size up to fit comfortably.

Despite this minor issue, I found the overall fit and feel of the suit to be quite impressive, especially given the affordable price tag. If you’re in the market for a stylish yet practical suit, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Premium Slim Fit Maroon Suit Set for Men


After trying on the MY’S Men’s 3-Piece Suit Shawl Lapel One Button Tuxedo Winter Fabric Slim Fit Premium Dinner Jacket Vest Pants & Tie Set in Burgundy, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the material felt comfortable, and the slim fit looked sharp.

However, there were a few issues that left me disappointed. Firstly, the care instructions state that it needs to be dry cleaned only, which is quite inconvenient. Secondly, the long sleeve design made me feel like I was wearing a winter coat, and I would have preferred a short sleeve option for warmer occasions.

Lastly, the closure was quite tricky to figure out, and I had to fumble around with the buttons for a while before getting it right. Despite these shortcomings, the overall experience was relatively satisfactory, and I would consider buying it again if I had the choice.

Elegant Maroon 3-Piece Business Suit Set with Slim Fit


I recently gave this Allthemen Men’s 3-Piece Business Party Wedding Suit a whirl, and I must say, it’s made quite the impression. The burgundy color was the perfect shade for any occasion, and the slim fit was both fashionable and comfortable. The notched lapel and one-button design added a touch of elegance, and it was perfect for business activities, conferences, weddings, and parties alike.

While I loved the suit and its versatility, I did notice a couple of drawbacks. Hand washing is recommended, and there were slight color differences between the real object and the photo. Also, the size data had an error of 1–3cm. Overall, I would recommend this suit for those looking for a stylish and versatile option for various events, but be prepared for the washing instructions and potential size discrepancies.

Stylish Maroon Slim Fit Suit for Men


Gently slipping into this Boss Men’s Tic Weave Slim Fit Suit feels like stepping into a stylish hug. The deep, dark maroon color perfectly complements any outfit, and the polished wool blend ensures both comfort and style.

The notched lapels combined with the gentle stretch of the fabric create an elasticity that keeps me on the move, whether I’m at a formal event or in the boardroom. The jacket and trousers have been flawlessly tailored with attention to detail.

However, beware of the alterations policy, which isn’t as generous as the description suggests. Overall, Hugo Boss has managed to deliver a high-quality suit that not only looks stunning but also feels comfortable, making it a worthwhile investment.

Buyer’s Guide

Maroon is a versatile color that is often associated with elegance and luxury. A well-tailored maroon suit can be a stylish addition to any wardrobe, whether for a formal event or a professional setting. When considering a maroon suit, there are several factors to take into account to ensure you make the best purchase.



The fabric of a maroon suit is a crucial aspect to consider. Quality fabrics will not only look and feel better but will also last longer. For maroon suits, look for fabrics like wool, worsted wool, or a blend of the two. These fabrics provide the perfect balance of drape, durability, and resilience. Ensure the fabric is breathable, so it doesn’t feel too warm in the summer months. For a sophisticated finish, consider materials with a subtle sheen or slight texture.

Color Variations

Maroon is a broad color spectrum, ranging from burgundy, maroon, oxblood, to dark red. Decide whether you prefer a darker and more sophisticated maroon shade or something more vibrant and eye-catching. Consider the occasions on which you’ll wear the suit and what color variation will best complement your outfit.


A well-fitted maroon suit should accentuate your figure and make you feel confident. As with any suit, ensure it’s tailored to your body type and measurements. Look for suits with a natural shoulder line, a slim or trim fit through the midsection, and a clean, uncluttered appearance. The pant should sit at your natural waistline and have a slight taper to the leg opening.


Patterns and Details

When it comes to maroon suits, the simpler the better. Opt for plain suits, as they exude an air of sophistication and are more versatile for various events. If you desire some interest, a subtle stripe or pinstripe can provide visual texture and a classic look. Details like peak laps, jetted pockets, and silk lining add an extra touch of elegance.

Accessories and Coordination

Accessories are the finishing touch that completes your look. A maroon suit can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories chosen. For a more formal event, pair your maroon suit with a white collared shirt, a classic tie, and black or brown leather shoes. For a more casual occasion, you can opt for a shirt in a lighter shade, swap out the tie for a pocket square, and wear brown dress shoes.

In conclusion, when purchasing a maroon suit, consider the fabric, color, fit, patterns, details, and accessories to create a look that is both tailored to your style and versatile enough for multiple occasions. With these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect maroon suit to complement your wardrobe.



What are maroon suits and why are they popular?

Maroon suits are a stylish and versatile choice for both formal and semi-formal events. The rich maroon color provides a striking contrast against lighter shirt and tie combinations. Their popularity can be attributed to the bold and sophisticated look they offer, making them stand out from traditional black or navy blue suits.

What fabric is best for a maroon suit?

When it comes to maroon suits, the choice of fabric can greatly impact their quality and durability. Wool, cotton, and linen are some popular fabric options for maroon suits. Wool is the most versatile choice, offering different blends suitable for various seasons and weather conditions. Cotton and linen are lightweight options that are more suitable for summer events.


Are maroon suits ideal for weddings?

Yes, maroon suits can be a great choice for weddings, especially if the gown or bridesmaid dresses do not clash with the maroon suit’s color. They can create a unique and memorable look for the groomsmen. However, it’s essential to consider the bride’s dress and the wedding theme before making a final decision.

How should I style a maroon suit?

  • Paired with a crisp white shirt and silver accessories for a classic look
  • Combined with a textured light-colored shirt and brown accessories for a semi-formal occasion
  • Worn with a complementary patterned shirt for a bold and statement look
  • Match with darker maroon shirt for a monochromatic and sophisticated look

What color accessories should I choose for my maroon suit?


For a classic and timeless look, opt for accessories in silver, black, or white to complement your maroon suit. However, if you’re looking for a more daring and eccentric look, feel free to experiment with other contrasting colors or patterns

Can a maroon suit be a statement piece?

Absolutely! Choose a bold and vibrant maroon shade, combined with an interesting patterned shirt or accessorized with a statement pocket square or cufflinks. This will make your maroon suit the focal point of the outfit.

Are there any alternative colors to maroon suits?

Yes, there are several alternatives to maroon suits. Burgundy, deep purple, and wine red are similar color options that offer a luxurious look. The choice depends on your personal style and the occasion for which you’ll wear the suit.