ESEE Machete

Sophia Jones
27 min readMar 22, 2024

If you’re in the market for a reliable and versatile machete, look no further than the ESEE Machete. This roundup article will give you an in-depth look at this top-rated product, discussing its features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision. Join us as we explore the world of the ESEE Machete and see if it’s the right tool for your needs.

From its durability to its versatile applications, the ESEE Machete has quickly gained a reputation as a top of the line product and a must-have for any serious outdoors enthusiast. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ESEE Machete, breaking down its features and giving you all the information you need to determine if this product is the perfect addition to your adventuring gear.

The Top 20 Best ESEE Machete

  1. Rugged 1095 Carbon Steel Jungle Ops Machete Knife — Experience the ultimate jungle survival tool with the ESEE Junglas Fixed Blade Knife — Handcrafted in the U.S.A., featuring a natural canvas micarta handle and 1095 carbon steel for unmatched durability and performance.
  2. Libertariat ESEE Agk Machete with US Manufacturing — Experience tropical survival with the lightweight, versatile ESEE Libusa Libertariat Machete, handcrafted in the U.S.A. by Expat Knives and designed for adventure in the great outdoors.
  3. ESEE Cutlass Machete: Stylish, Rugged 1085 Carbon Steel Blade for Heavy-Duty Tasks — Unleash the power of the outdoors with the KA-BAR Cutlass Machete, featuring a durable 1085 carbon steel blade, ergonomic Kraton G handle, and rugged leather & Cordura sheath, all designed for unmatched cutting performance and portability.
  4. Durable, Stainless Steel Machete with TPR Handle and Nylon Sheath — Experience ultimate durability and comfort with the premium Hawk Machete, featuring a stainless steel full tang, ergonomic handle, and reliable black titanium nitride finish for unmatched corrosion resistance and safety.
  5. ESSEE Gibson Axe: Micarta Handle and 1095 Carbon Steel Blade — The ESEE Gibson Axe, boasting a 4.8-star rating and featuring a micarta handle, 1095 carbon steel axe head, and a cutting edge length of 6.7 cm, provides a compact yet indestructible tool for all your carving and camp chores with a weight of 590 grams.
  6. Robust, Versatile Gerber Folding Machete for Ultimate Survival — The Cold Steel Tanto Machete combines durability, versatility, and affordability, making it a top choice for bushcraft, camping, and survival tasks.
  7. Cold Steel Thai Machete: Versatile and Durable Brush Cutter with Matte Black Finish — Slice through tall grass and thick vines with ease using the versatile and durable Cold Steel Thai Machete, featuring a 22" 1055 Carbon Steel blade, a polypropylene handle, and a sheath for easy carry and storage.
  8. ESEE Slant Tip Machete — Versatile & Durable Hunting Tool — Experience the perfect balance of precision cutting and weight-forward power with the cold-steel Slant Tip Machete, equipped with an ergonomic handle and a durable Cor-Ex sheath for added convenience.
  9. Durable Estwing Machete for Outdoor Use — Get ready for unmatched versatility with the Estwing Machete, featuring a robust hand-sharpened blade, a comfortable shock reduction grip, and a durable, powder-coated design that can withstand any rugged outdoor application.
  10. Officially Licensed USMC Tanto Survival Machete with Embossed Sheath — Bringing together precision, durability, and classic style, the officially licensed USMC Tanto Survival Machete with genuine leather handle ensures a long-lasting, reliable blade for your bushcraft adventures.
  11. Coleman Machete with Canvas Sheath — Ideal for Camping and Outdoor Adventures — Conquer the wild with the Coleman 18" Machete — its rugged steel blade and canvas sheath ensure easy use and secure storage for ultimate convenience on your outdoor adventures.
  12. Tramontina Machete Wood — High-Quality, Durable Outdoor Knife — The Tramontina Machete Wood, boasting a 4.6-star rating and 17 reviews, is a top-rated, high-quality outdoor tool crafted from superior materials, built for performance and durability, and carefully crafted in Brazil.
  13. Durable Tempered Steel Machete for Outdoor Adventures — The Corona MA60042 Machete, a 22" silver blade with a tempered steel construction, is designed for strength and flexibility, making it a must-have for survival enthusiasts.
  14. Tramontina 24-inch Machete with Carbon Steel Blade — Experience Brazilian craftsmanship with the versatile Tramontina 26616/024 Machete, featuring a robust carbon steel blade and ergonomic high-impact polypropylene handle for efficient and reliable cutting in any environment.
  15. Tramontina 19" Sugar Cane Machete — Brazilian Quality and Affordable Value — Experience the unmatched durability and versatility of the Tramontina 13" Sugar Cane Machete, a Brazilian-made essential for outdoor enthusiasts and rural workers alike.
  16. Ultra-Sharp 24-Inch Machete for Clearing Brush and Trimming Palm Trees — Experience the versatility and efficiency of the ESEE Machete 24 inch, perfect for clearing brush and cutting back thick vegetation in your garden with its ultra-sharp and rust-resistant blade.
  17. Tramontina 12" Wood Handled Machete: Compact and Versatile Outdoor Chopping Tool — The Tramontina 12" Wood Handled Machete provides a compact and versatile chopping tool, making it a budget-friendly and convenient outdoor solution.
  18. Carbon Steel Machete with Wide Blade and Wooden Handle — The Tramontina Sugar Cane 13" Machete with Long Handle is a durable, Brazilian-made tool designed for field tasks, offering a comfortable grip and thin, wide blade for effective chopping.
  19. Powerful 14" ESEE Machete with Nylon Handle for Brush Clearing — The Coast F1400 Utility Machete, featuring a 14" black blade and contoured nylon handle, is perfect for tackling tough outdoor tasks with precision and safety.
  20. Brute Super Machete: Heavy Duty Survival Tool with Pakkawood Handle and Black Coated Stainless Steel Blade — The Brute Super Machete from Fleming SupplyCutlery is a long-lasting, versatile survival tool perfect for any outdoor adventure, featuring a rust-resistant stainless steel blade and a combination grip for maximum control.


Rugged 1095 Carbon Steel Jungle Ops Machete Knife


I recently got my hands on the ESEE Junglas Fixed Blade Knife in Dark Earth, and I must say, it’s a real game-changer in my daily life. The individual serial number makes it feel like a one-of-a-kind piece, and the jungle operations knife design really stands out. It’s like having a mega machete at my fingertips.

The 1095 Carbon Steel blade is just the right amount of sturdy, and it glides through various tasks with ease. The natural canvas micarta handle gives it a comfortable grip, even when my hands are sweaty. I particularly appreciate that it’s handcrafted in the U. S. A. , which adds a sense of pride to my purchase.

However, the knife is a bit on the heavier side, which might be a downside for some users. It’s not the lightest tool to carry around, especially for long hikes. But overall, the ESEE Junglas Fixed Blade Knife has been a reliable companion in my jungle survival missions, and it’s definitely made an impact on my wilderness adventures.

Libertariat ESEE Agk Machete with US Manufacturing


The ESEE Libusa Libertariat Machete is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. Crafted by Expat Knives, this lightweight machete is handcrafted in the USA, offering a sense of local pride. Made from durable 1095 Carbon Steel, this tool ensures toughness for slicing and chopping even the toughest of materials. The tan micarta handle provides a sturdy and comfortable grip for any task at hand, with a canvass belt sheath included for easy carrying.

While the experience of using this machete was overall positive, there were a couple of minor setbacks. The blade does not seem to hold an edge as well as expected, though it is still quite useful for tasks like brush clearing and coconut gathering. Additionally, some users found the machete to be a bit lighter than hoped, which might not make it the most effective tool for heavy swinging tasks. However, these minor setbacks are outweighed by the machete’s excellent value and its ability to excel in bushcraft tasks.

ESEE Cutlass Machete: Stylish, Rugged 1085 Carbon Steel Blade for Heavy-Duty Tasks


Using the Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete, I found myself truly impressed with its abilities. The large blade, made from durable 1085 carbon steel, stood its ground against even the toughest wood. The Kraton G handle provided a comfortable grip and helped me maintain control over my cuts.

One unique feature of this machete is its weight-forward design, which allowed me to deliver powerful cuts to various materials. However, its large size might not be the best choice for clearing grassy areas due to the reduced maneuverability caused by the length.

Overall, this Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete proved to be an excellent camp tool and a valuable asset when venturing into the great outdoors.

Durable, Stainless Steel Machete with TPR Handle and Nylon Sheath


This Hawk Machete is a dependable tool that’s met my expectations during the time I’ve been using it. The 15-inch stainless steel blade with the corrosion-resistant black titanium nitride finish has proven to be a reliable asset. Its 420 stainless steel construction gives it a sturdy feel, while the rubber handle with ergonomic choke up grip makes it comfortable to hold. Although it’s only 23.25 inches long, the blade’s length of 14.98 inches provides just the right balance for my needs.

Including the nylon carry sheath was a thoughtful addition, making it a breeze to transport and store. The only drawback is the slight heft, but overall, the Hawk Machete works as advertised. I’m confident that both outdoor enthusiasts and avid campers will appreciate its features and find it a suitable companion on their adventures. This machete is a perfect choice for anyone seeking a reliable, high-quality tool for their outdoor activities.

ESSEE Gibson Axe: Micarta Handle and 1095 Carbon Steel Blade


I’ve had the chance to use the ESEE Gibson Axe in my daily life, and I must say, it’s a real game-changer. Its compact design makes it perfect for tossing in my backpack whenever I head out into the wilderness for some much-needed peace and quiet. I’ve found myself utilizing it for everything from chopping firewood to carving small wooden trinkets for my friends.

One of the first things that stood out to me was the handle and axe head. The combination of micarta and 1095 carbon steel is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. That lengthy cutting edge has been a lifesaver when I’m tackling those stubborn logs and branches, and the weight of just 590 grams allows for easy handling without sacrificing power.

However, no product is perfect, and I did come across a few minor drawbacks. While the handle is quite comfortable, holding it for extended periods of time can cause a bit of hand fatigue. And, although durable, the carbon steel requires a bit of maintenance to keep it looking shiny and new.

Overall, the ESEE Gibson Axe has become my go-to companion for those wilderness excursions. It’s a tool that’s not only effective but also stylish. If you’re in the market for a top-quality multi-purpose axe, I highly recommend you give this one a try.

Robust, Versatile Gerber Folding Machete for Ultimate Survival


The Cold Steel Tanto Machete might just be the jack-of-all-trades you’ve been looking for. With a blade length of 13 inches, it’s not too big or too small — just right for a variety of activities. The wide chopping and slicing blade, backed up by the thick spine, is a powerhouse you can rely on for bushcraft, camp duties, or any survival utility.

But what really sets this machete apart is its full-tang construction. It feels substantial yet comfortable to hold, and the weather-resistant polypropylene handle ensures it’s suitable for all-weather use. The Tanto point tip gives it impressive piercing capabilities, making it a versatile companion for any outdoor adventure.

The machete comes with a Cor-Ex sheath of strong nylon. It’s a smart, practical design that keeps your blade secure and easily accessible when you need it. The sturdy sheath, with its buttoned retaining strap and belt loop, ensures you can take your machete wherever you go without any hassle.

Of course, the Tanto Machete isn’t without its imperfections. The unrefined finish might make it look a bit more homemade than you’d expect, but it doesn’t impact the blade’s functionality. It’s worth mentioning, though, that some users mentioned needing to sharpen the blade right out of the box.

Overall, the Cold Steel Tanto Machete is an all-encompassing tool that has proven its worth for many. Its versatility and durability make it a top choice for adventure-seekers, bushcrafters, or anyone looking to prepare for the unexpected.

Cold Steel Thai Machete: Versatile and Durable Brush Cutter with Matte Black Finish


Recently, I had the chance to try out the Cold Steel Thai Machete with Sheath, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. This machete boasts some impressive features that make it a standout in the market. The first thing that caught my attention was the blade, which is made from 1055 Carbon Steel and has a matte black anti-rust finish. It’s incredibly sharp and durable, allowing me to cut through thick vines and grass with ease.

The handle, a 14.5" long polypropylene one, is comfortable and ergonomic, providing a firm grip without causing any discomfort. I also liked the steel reinforced guard that offers extra protection for my hand during use. The Cor-Ex sheath that comes with it is quite sturdy and makes a great addition to the package, allowing me to safely store the machete when not in use.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks that I noticed. The weight of the machete is a bit high at 29.4 oz, which might not be ideal for someone looking for a lightweight tool. Additionally, while the blade is incredibly sharp, it could be frustrating to use when trying to make precise cuts due to its width.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Cold Steel Thai Machete with Sheath. Its sleek design, razor-sharp blade, and comfortable grip make it a top pick for anyone in need of a reliable and versatile cutting tool. While the weight and blade width might be a bit of an issue for some, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

ESEE Slant Tip Machete — Versatile & Durable Hunting Tool


During my time spent clearing brush in my backyard, I found myself reaching for a sturdy machete that could handle the thick foliage. That’s when I stumbled upon the Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete 18". This bad boy looked like it could tackle anything I threw at it.

What struck me initially was the combination of precision cutting with weight-forward head-heavy chopping power. The wide blade and curved cutting edge allowed me to slice through grass, vines, and light foliage with ease. The fully sharpened blade, crafted from the same tough 1055 Carbon Steel as other machetes in their lineup, handled hardwood like a champ.

The ergonomic 5 5/8 inch polypropylene handle, with a flattened oval grip, prevented any twisting or turning during use. The steel reinforced guard offered extra hand protection, allowing me to work without worry. Despite its durability, I must admit, the slimy texture of the handle made gripping it a bit tricky. I found myself wearing gloves to ensure a secure grip.

The product came with a durable Cur-Ex sheath that could be worn on the belt, providing easy carry and storage. It was perfect for transporting the machete to my backyard when not in use. The only downside was the scratches that appeared on the sheath and the need for repainting.

Overall, the Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete 18" exceeded my expectations and proved to be a reliable and versatile tool for my bush-clearing tasks.

Durable Estwing Machete for Outdoor Use


I recently had the chance to try out the Estwing machete and I must say, it did not disappoint. The 12-inch blade has a perfect cut for all sorts of outdoor activities, from maintaining trails to managing your campsite. Weighing in at a manageable 2.375 inches wide, the machete provides enough power to handle heavier scrub brush and even harvest wild game.

One of the most notable features of the Estwing machete is its shock reduction grip. This comfortable handle design greatly reduces user fatigue, making this tool perfect for long tasks. The inclusion of an offset tooth saw on the opposite side of the cutting edge provides an additional useful feature for tackling various cutting tasks. Another perk is the sturdy black nylon sheath with a belt loop, ensuring your tool is always secure and easy to carry around.

Using the Estwing machete was smooth and efficient. As an avid outdoorsman, I found it incredibly versatile and easy to handle. However, I have to mention that the paint on the blade may wear off easily, but aside from this minor concern, the overall build quality is top-notch, as expected from an Estwing product. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and powerful outdoor tool, the Estwing machete is definitely worth considering.

Officially Licensed USMC Tanto Survival Machete with Embossed Sheath


As a seasoned camper, I recently came across the USMC Tanto Survival Machete while browsing for a dependable tool. This machete, officially licensed by the United States Marine Corps, immediately caught my attention. From the moment I unboxed it, I could feel the quality of its construction — a 9 1/4-inch stainless steel tanto blade combined with a stacked, genuine leather handle that’s instantly recognizable.

One of the things I appreciated was the non-reflective finish and partial serrations on the blade. This feature made it perfect for both cutting and slicing tasks, providing an efficient and versatile edge. The black, non-reflective handguard added an extra layer of safety, protecting the handle against slipping or causing injury while in use.

But the real standout for me was the convenience of its 14 1/4-inch overall length, which allowed for easy storage and transportation. The embossed, premium leather belt sheath was a nice touch, giving it a classy appearance and ensuring it stays secure while on the go.

Overall, my experience with the USMC Tanto Survival Machete has been nothing short of impressive. Its quality and durability have been proven time and time again, making it the perfect addition to any camper’s gear.

Coleman Machete with Canvas Sheath — Ideal for Camping and Outdoor Adventures


The Coleman 18" Machete has been a reliable addition to my camping adventures, and everyday tasks. With a sturdy hardened steel blade, it’s easy to slice through thick foliage and cut through small branches. The canvas sheath with a belt loop and steel clip makes it easily accessible whether I’m trekking through forest trails or keeping my campsite tidy.

However, I did experience some downsides too. The blade required more maintenance than I anticipated, as it dulled quickly and required frequent sharpening. Additionally, the sheath is quite thin, which makes it less secure when attached to the machete.

Overall, the Coleman 18" Machete provides a cost-effective and functional tool for those seeking a reliable camping asset, and it has proved to be a valuable addition in my outdoor experiences.

Tramontina Machete Wood — High-Quality, Durable Outdoor Knife


I recently had the chance to try out the Tramontina Machete Wood Knife, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This knife has plenty of features that make it a must-have for any avid outdoors enthusiast. Right off the bat, I was impressed by the beautiful natural color hardwood handle — it was both comfortable and durable.

One of my favorite aspects of this machete was the 14 inch blade made from high-quality carbon steel. It glided through even the toughest of tasks, making quick work of branches, brambles, and everything in between. I also appreciated the versatility of this knife, as it proved to be just as effective for slicing through paper as it was for chopping through tree trunks.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks I encountered during my experience. First, the balance of the machete left a little bit to be desired; it felt heavy in my hands, which made it more difficult to control when performing finer cuts. Additionally, while the 19 inch overall length allowed for a good reach, I found myself wishing for a slightly longer blade at times.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I have no doubt that the Tramontina Machete Wood Knife would make a fantastic addition to any outdoor survival kit or gardening tool collection. Its solid durability and impressive performance more than make up for any minor flaws, and you simply can’t beat the value for the price.

Durable Tempered Steel Machete for Outdoor Adventures


I recently got my hands on the Corona MA60042 Machete and I must say, it’s a pretty impressive tool. The tempered steel blade gives it a great strength and long service life, which is a plus for us adventurers. The heat treatment adds flexibility, but there’s a catch — it’s resharpenable, which is both a pro and a con depending on your perspective.

The polished and varnished surface gives the machete a sophisticated look, but don’t be fooled by the beauty — it’s designed to handle rough terrain. However, it’s not just about power; the co-molded handle with anti-slip material ensures a comfortable and secure grip, perfect for those of us who value precision as much as strength.

In terms of cons, it’s a bit on the heavier side, making it a bit unwieldy for cutting light brush. The handle is more of a love-hate relationship; it’s secure, but it’s not the most comfortable grip you’ll ever experience. Sharpened edges come out of the box, but they may need some refinement to reach peak performance.

Overall, the MA60042 is a solid choice for those looking for a versatile machete at a reasonable price. It certainly has its quirks, but it’s a reliable tool for tackling the elements and proving its worth.

Tramontina 24-inch Machete with Carbon Steel Blade


If a machete could be royalty, the Tramontina 26616/024 machete would certainly be a king. A Brazilian powerhouse, this 24-inch beast is known for its exceptional value and resilience. Its blade, a carbon steel wonder, slices through the toughest of branches with ease.

Combined with the high-impact polypropylene handle, this machete is the perfect companion for any rugged adventure. Although its packaging is bulk, the price is hard to beat. However, a small plastic handle might not be the most comfortable for long-term use, it’s a minor drawback for a machete that’s so affordably strong.

Tramontina 19" Sugar Cane Machete — Brazilian Quality and Affordable Value


The Tramontina 13" sugarcane machete has been a trusty companion in my daily life. With an overall length of 19 inches and a blade length of 13 inches, it’s perfect for tackling any task with ease. The high-carbon steel blade ensures durability and sharpness, while the natural color hardwood handle provides a comfortable grip.

One thing that sets this machete apart is its versatility. I’ve used it for everything from cutting through thick brush to slicing through fallen branches. It’s lightweight, yet strong enough to get the job done. The Brazilian-made design is a testament to its quality and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

However, there’s one minor downside to this machete. The blade does require regular sharpening to maintain its edge, but that’s a small price to pay for the overall performance and value it brings. Overall, the Tramontina 13" sugarcane machete is an exceptional tool that deserves a spot in every outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal.

Ultra-Sharp 24-Inch Machete for Clearing Brush and Trimming Palm Trees


I’ve been living in a jungle-like garden for quite some time now, and clearing the thick brush, vines, and ornamental grasses has been a daunting task. That’s why I decided to give the Fiskars Machete a try.

First and foremost, the curve of the blade helped prevent it from getting stuck in the dense growth, allowing me to go through all the thickets with ease. The ultra-sharp, rust-resistant blade made sure that the brush cutting, branch cutting, and palm cutting tasks were all completed without any hassle.

Now, for the drawback. The weight of the machete was significantly higher than I anticipated for a two-foot machete which made it rather difficult to use it for extended periods. Additionally, the sheath that came with the machete was disappointingly inadequate.

In conclusion, the Fiskars Machete proved to be a highly useful tool for tackling the dense foliage in my garden, thanks to its effective curve and blade. However, the excessive weight and subpar sheath kept it from being a perfect choice for my needs.

Tramontina 12" Wood Handled Machete: Compact and Versatile Outdoor Chopping Tool


When the Tramontina 12" Wood Handled Machete arrived, I was immediately drawn to its sleek design and comfortable grip. The combination of carbon steel and wood made for an excellent chopper, despite its smaller size. The 12" blade length was just the right fit for tackling various outdoor tasks, and the machete’s weight made it incredibly versatile. I found myself reaching for it more often than not for all sorts of bushwhacking and gardening chores.

One of the first things I noticed was the full tang blade, which gave the machete a sturdy and reliable feel. This, combined with the wooden handle, offered a comfortable and secure grip even during the most demanding tasks. The wood handle had a smooth surface, which made it easy to hang onto even when my hands were wet.

The machete’s carbon steel blade was indeed impressive, as it held up well against various materials and could be easily sharpened when necessary. However, the factory edge was not the sharpest, so a little touch-up with a metal file was required before putting it to the test. The carbon steel material did require maintenance to prevent rusting, but that was a small price to pay for the durability it offered.

Overall, I found the Tramontina 12" Wood Handled Machete to be an excellent addition to my outdoor tool collection. Its versatility and ease of use made it a go-to choice for tackling those pesky overgrown bushes and underbrush. And despite its small size, it proved to be just as capable as some of the larger machetes out there. The only downside I encountered was the requirement for regular maintenance to keep the blade in tip-top shape. But, as with any good tool, a little bit of TLC went a long way.

Carbon Steel Machete with Wide Blade and Wooden Handle


I’ve been using this Tramontina Sugar Cane Machete for a while now, and I have to say, the longer handle definitely made a difference. It’s a powerful tool for chopping through grass and cane, but it can’t handle thicker wood.

The carbon steel blade is thin and wide for better slicing, but it can gouge easily. The wooden handle is comfortable and provides a good grip, making it easy to use in the field. Overall, it’s a handy tool for yard maintenance and camping, but not for heavy-duty tasks.

Powerful 14" ESEE Machete with Nylon Handle for Brush Clearing


I recently had the chance to put the Coast F1400 Utility Machete to the test in my own backyard. This machete wasn’t just for show, it was meant for the real deal — tackling those pesky overgrown trails, cutting through dense vegetation, and taking down those unwanted branches. The first thing that stood out to me was the sturdy 3Cr13 stainless steel blade. It was unapologetically sharp and ready for action, making those hard-to-reach spots a breeze to get to.

As I ventured into my backyard wilderness, I found myself face-to-face with a towering hackberry tree. I decided to put the Coast F1400 to the ultimate test — could it withstand the pressure and cut down a branch of this size? To my delight, the machete sliced through the heavy limb with ease, leaving the blade looking as good as new. That was a true testament to its durability and strength.

But the Coast F1400 wasn’t just a powerhouse, it was also incredibly comfortable in my hand. The contoured nylon handle felt light and secure, and the hand guard kept my fingers safely away from the sharp blade. The saw tooth edge on the back of the blade added an extra layer of versatility, allowing me to tackle even more tasks with ease.

I also found the included sheath to be a handy feature. It kept the machete securely in place, allowing me to carry it right at my hip for easy access. The belt loop and metal clasp provided convenient storage and transport options, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

While the Coast F1400 Utility Machete proved to be an extremely reliable and versatile tool, there was one feature that left me a little disappointed: the sheath. Its design created a safety hazard, as I found that the blade would frequently come into contact with the sheath’s strap, causing it to cut through and exposing a large portion of the blade.

Overall, I found the Coast F1400 Utility Machete to be a great addition to my tool arsenal, perfect for tackling those outdoor jobs that require a bit of muscle. Its strength, sharpness, and versatility made it an excellent choice for anyone looking to conquer their backyard wilderness. Just be sure to check the safety of the sheath before taking it on your next adventure.

Brute Super Machete: Heavy Duty Survival Tool with Pakkawood Handle and Black Coated Stainless Steel Blade


I recently had the chance to try out the Fleming Supply Super Machete, and honestly, it exceeded my expectations. The most impressive part was its sheer size, measuring in at a whopping 22.75 inches. This made it perfect for tackling any brush or terrain that came my way, whether I was in my backyard or the heart of the jungle.

One of the standout features was the Pakkawood handle, which offered a comfortable grip along with the added benefit of partially being wrapped with cord. This provided extra leverage and security, making my tasks that much easier. However, I noticed that the cord could be a bit more durable to withstand constant use over time.

Another highlight was the stainless steel blade, which was not only black-coated for rust resistance but also saw-toothed for exceptional performance. It truly felt like an indestructible tool. But, on the downside, I found the cord cutter slot to be a bit of a disappointment. It didn’t seem quite as effective as I had hoped.

Storing the Super Machete was a breeze thanks to the included nylon carrying case with a belt loop and button closures. And the hanging eyelet made the storage and transport process even more convenient. Overall, this is a reliable and versatile survival tool that I’m glad to have in my arsenal. The Fleming Supply Super Machete may be a bit pricey, but if you’re in need of a super machete to tackle any brush or terrain, this is definitely the one for you!

Buyer’s Guide

ESEE Machetes have become popular for their durability, versatility, and value. If you’re considering purchasing one, this buyer’s guide will provide you with essential features to look for, considerations to think about, and general advice for the product category. Note that this guide will not mention specific product picks or external resources, and it is designed to be easily integrated into a larger article.


Choosing the Right ESEE Machete

Before diving into the features, here are a few things to consider when purchasing an ESEE Machete for your needs and budget. These factors will help ensure you get the best value and the right tool for the job. Factors to consider include blade length, quality materials, usability, and maintenance.

Important Features of ESEE Machetes

A good-quality ESEE Machete should have several key features that provide durability, versatility, and ease of use. Some of the important features to look for include a reliable lock, sturdy construction, and comfort for handling. Additionally, the machete should be lightweight and have a well-designed grip for long-term use.


Using and Maintaining Your ESEE Machete

To get the most out of your ESEE Machete, a few general tips can help you use and maintain the tool for optimal performance. First, always keep your machete properly sharpened to prevent damage to wood or objects you’re cutting. Additionally, store your machete in a cool, dry place to prolong its life and prevent rusting. Finally, ensure that you know the proper usage techniques and always follow standard safety precautions while handling the tool.

Considerations and General Advice

Before purchasing an ESEE Machete, it’s essential to consider your intended use and budget. There are many different models available, each with varying features designed for specific tasks. Familiarize yourself with the specifications and intended use of each option and select the one that best fits your needs. Furthermore, understanding the various materials used in machetes can help you make an informed decision and ensure that your selected model is durable and long-lasting.



What is an ESEE Machete?

An ESEE Machete is a type of bushcraft tool, specifically designed for heavy-duty cutting tasks in the wild, such as clearing brush, hacking wood, and splitting small branches. ESEE Machetes are known for their durability, versatility, and overall quality, making them popular among outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

Manufactured by ESEE Knives, these machetes feature high-carbon stainless steel blades that offer excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. They come in various sizes and handles, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences. ESEE Machetes are widely appreciated for their ability to hold up even under rigorous use, making them a reliable choice for those who seek a long-lasting, dependable bushcraft tool.


What is the advantage of using an ESEE Machete over other machetes?

ESEE Machetes have several advantages over other machetes in the market. Some of the notable advantages include their robustness, versatility, and ease of maintenance. Their high-carbon stainless steel blades offer excellent edge retention and durability, ensuring that the tool remains functional even after prolonged and demanding use.

Additionally, ESEE Machetes come with handle options that cater to different grip preferences and sizes, giving users a chance to choose the one that best fits their hands and usage patterns. The tool’s versatility allows it to handle a wide range of cutting tasks, making it a practical and reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. Overall, the combination of durability, versatility, and ease of use makes ESEE Machetes a popular choice among those who value reliability and performance in the wild.

Are ESEE Machetes suitable for camping or outdoor activities?

Absolutely! ESEE Machetes are designed to be versatile and durable, making them ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. Their high-carbon stainless steel blades offer excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance, ensuring that the tool remains functional even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, ESEE Machetes come with comfortable handle options that cater to different grip preferences and sizes, allowing users to choose the one that best fits their hand and usage patterns. This makes them a practical and reliable choice for those who need a reliable bushcraft tool to handle various cutting tasks during their camping trips or outdoor expeditions.


How do I take care of my ESEE Machete?

Taking proper care of your ESEE Machete is essential for its longevity and overall performance. To maintain your machete in good condition, follow these simple steps:

  1. Always clean the blade and handle after use, removing any dirt, debris, or moisture. 2. Use a sharpening stone or strop to maintain the edge of the blade and keep it sharp.

Additionally, it’s essential to protect the machete from corrosion, which can be prevented by applying a thin coat of oil or wax to the blade and handle after cleaning. Store your ESEE Machete in a dry and safe place, away from the reach of children and pets. This way, you can ensure that your machete remains in excellent condition, ready for use when you need it most.

What sizes does ESEE offer for their Machetes?

ESEE offers various sizes for their machetes, ensuring that users can pick the one that best suits their needs and preferences. Common sizes for ESEE Machetes include the ESEE-4, ESEE-5, and ESEE-6. Each size comes with a different blade length, ranging from 6 inches to 7.5 inches, and a handle made from either G10 or Micarta materials.

The size of the ESEE Machete you choose depends on the types of tasks you plan to use it for. Larger blades are better suited for heavy-duty cutting tasks, such as clearing brush or cutting small trees, while smaller blades offer more maneuverability for finer cutting tasks. Considering the specific demands of your outdoor activities will help you determine the right size for your ESEE Machete.

What type of steel is used in the construction of ESEE Machetes?

ESEE Machetes are made using high-carbon stainless steel blades, which are renowned for their exceptional edge retention and resistance to corrosion. This type of steel is tougher and more durable than traditional stainless steel, offering improved performance and longevity under rigorous use. The high-carbon content of these blades provides superior edge retention, ensuring that the machetes maintain their sharpness even after prolonged use.

The use of high-carbon stainless steel also makes ESEE Machetes easier to sharpen, as the steel can be more easily refined and reshaped than traditional stainless steel. Furthermore, this steel blend reduces the chances of the machete rusting or corroding, as the high-carbon content helps to create a protective oxide layer on the blade’s surface.